Our Charges


Standard consultation£60
Subsequent consultation (within one month)£55
Medication review£55
On the day emergency consultation£75
Exotic consultation (30mins)£75
Consultation extended/second opinion£82.50
Nurse Consultation£35
Nurse express anal glands£35
Nurse clip nails£35
Nurse express anal glands and clip nails£50
Out of hours SVEC clinic From £245

Routine Neutering

Cat Castrate£99
Cat Spay               £130
Dog Castrate < 15kg£265
Dog Castrate 15-35kg                     £295
Dog Castrate >35kg£320
Bitch Spay <15kg£325
Bitch Spay 15-35kg£385
Bitch Spay 35-50kg          £420
Bitch Spay >50kg£450
Laparoscopic Spay surcharge (add to standard spay price)£235
Rabbit Spay£175
Rabbit Castrate£111.50
Ferret Spay£135
Ferret Castrate/vasectomy£126.50
Guinea Pig Spay £125
Guinea Pig Castrate£104.50


Kitten Primary Course (Flu/Enteritis/FELV)£110
Puppy Primary Course (DHPL4)£110
Adult restart Primary course£105
Booster vaccination Feline (Flu/Enteritis/FELV )£75
Booster Vaccination Canine (DHPL4)         £70
Kennel Cough Vaccination             £55
Rabies Vaccination£86.50
Rabbit primary vaccination Myxo & RDH plus course£148.50
Rabbit Booster vaccination Myxo & RHD plus£99



Animal Health Certificate 

Supporting certified document if required£35

Written Prescription


Insurance Administration Initial


In house Laboratory Fees

Pre anaesthetic profile    £88
Basic Health profile (haematology, biochemistry, electrolytes)          £192.60
Urinalysis basic screen (S.G, Biochemistry, Sediment)           £66
Full range of diagnostic prices on request