Vets urge owners to test travelling pets for foreign diseases

27 Oct 2019 | Special offers, Pet Advice

Do you travel abroad with your dog or have you recently imported or rescued a dog from another country? If you have, it’s really important to check that your pet isn’t carrying some unpleasant foreign disease. Diseases that can often go unnoticed until they’re more serious. 

We have a limited supply of tests designed to screen for 4 diseases endemic in commonly travelled countries. These diseases are carried by mosquitoes and ticks so not necessarily avoidable even with preventative measures. The test which can be carried out on a small blood sample and tested at our hospital check your pet for the following : 

  • Canine heart worm – A parasitic worm transmitted by mosquitoes. The worm lives in the heart and lungs of the dog and can cause blockage of the vessels. 
  • Lyme disease – This is a tick borne disease that can cause lameness, lethargy and in some cases neurological and kidney damage.
  • Ehrlichia – A tick borne infection of the white blood cells (immune system)  effecting the bone marrow causing lethargy , nasal and ocular discharge, joint pain and lameness but may also be asymptomatic
  • Anaplasma – Tick borne disease that can cause lethargy, joint pain anorexia and muscle pain. 

Sometimes owners choose to only test if there is an obvious problem, however being proactive can tackle the disease at an early stage and make treatment more successful. Even if your rescue dog was tested before travelling to the country there is a chance of false negatives and infections too early to detect so it is recommended to re-test. 

If you are interested in getting your dog tested please call us to book in for the test – 01278450080

The normal price is £147.32 but for a limited time we have a special offer of £50.00