Twelve amazing pets battle it out for Quantock’s Pet of the Year!

13 Feb 2018 | Pet of the month, Pet of the year

On Wednesday 8th of February Quantock Veterinary Hospital held their ‘Pet of the Year’ event celebrating some of their most remarkable and admired patients of 2017!  Every month staff vote for their most inspiring patient – “Not an easy task comparing around a thousand patients that we will have seen over the month!” explained Sian Holman a veterinary nurse at the practice who has special responsibility for the scheme and event! This year the twelve nominated animals ranged from cherished dogs and cats that had endured traumatic accidents or distressing conditions, a dog whose greedy ways got him into serious trouble, a rabbit suffering from a life threatening condition and a tortoise who needed to be fed through a feeding tube for six months!  Each one of these remarkable pets has their own story and behind them loving and hugely dedicated owners.

This year after an evening of presentations and much deliberation our two brave judges – Nicky Kerswell from PetPlan and Mark Scott from Elanco Animal Health – with help from attendees’ votes, eventually decided upon Rosie, an affectionate eight year old rescue cat as our 2017 ‘Pet of the Year’. Rosie had suffered horrendous injuries most probably from a dog attack and managed to drag herself home and up a 6’ fence to get back to her family.

The ‘Pet of the Year’ Award event allows the hospital staff an opportunity to award a prize to their most admired pet and thank all of their remarkable owners for their commitment and loyalty to their animals and the Hospital. Nicky Kerswell from PetPlan said “I was so pleased to be asked back to help judge this year’s, ‘Pet of the Year’ awards, again. Having attended last years’ ceremony I jumped at the opportunity.  Choosing the winners was such a difficult decision to make. All of the pets had such amazing stories tell. It was a genuinely emotional evening but truly wonderful to see how much love, effort, and dedication is shown from the owners, the practice and of course the pets! Well done everyone.”

This year as well as Rosie – the overall ‘Pet of the Year’, there were two runners up – Monty an exuberant young Beagle who very nearly died from serious food poisoning, and Blaze a stunning young cat who also suffered horrendous injuries from a road traffic accident and survived major surgery with good grace!  Mark Scott from Elanco said “I was delighted to be asked to help judge the Pet of the Year awards at Quantock Veterinary Hospital this year.  It was my first time being involved and it was a wonderful evening, although choosing a winner was incredibly difficult as every single case was deserving.  All of the stories were heart wrenching and what shone through was the love and dedication shown by owners.  It was amazing to see the vets stand up to present each individual story and it was clear how much it meant to them.  Quantock Veterinary Hospital have created a fantastic event and it’s obvious how much they care for their clients and their pets – Dominic and the entire team have shown great skill, dedication and love when it comes to doing the very best they can for their patients”.

Sian added “Over the year we see a huge range of animals and problems.  Some of the cases and stories behind them are complex, some rewarding and some of course heart-breaking but many of our patients and importantly their owners are an inspiration to those of us who work here.  This is our chance to celebrate some of those that have been considered perhaps particularly special.”

Clinical Director of the Hospital Dominic Phillips said “These twelve stories give a taste of commitment, skill and dedication of all our staff here – I am so very proud of them – but also demonstrate the amazing commitment and love of the owners shown to these incredible pets. It is humbling. These sort of cases make our jobs so worthwhile.”

Congratulations to all our ‘Pet of the Months’ and especially to Rosie our 2017 ‘Pet of the Year’ and her owners for their courage, compassion and determination to help her through it all.  As well as the prize winners, all 12 Pet of the Months received a wonderful goody bag to take home and enjoy!

We would like to thank again our kind sponsors for their generosity – Elanco Animal Health, PetPlan, Royal Canin, Burgess, Oxbow and Bridgwater’s talented artist Kate Elgood who donated a voucher for a personal illustration of the winning pet.  Huge thanks to Sian and Lyn for all their hard work, to all the vets who presented their cases with such detail and passion and all the other Quantock Hospital staff who worked so hard to pull the event together and make it special.