Toby the tortoise – Quantock Pet of the Month!

1 Feb 2019 | Pet of the month

Toby Palmer is a much loved tortoise who is over 40 years old. Whilst in here for one of his regular ‘holidays’, a swelling was noticed on his foot. This was observed and after a couple of days we were certain that this was already getting bigger.  We contacted the owners and started Toby on medication with a view to remove the mass/abscess.  This was soon carried out after planning. Toby’s op took place on 24th September and all went well. 

After a long recovery period, being well looked after at home, the last of Toby’s stitches were removed in November.  He is now happy and well again.

Toby’s owners said “We have owned Toby for 41 years now and he has been coming to Quantock vets for 32 years from his first visit all those years ago. He is a lively tortoise who loves his cucumber sandwiches but this year he has been enable to hibernate due to having the treatment. He is a very special part of our family.” 

We love our tortoises here at Quantock and Toby is an old friend! Congratulations Toby!