Springer Spaniel Gem is Quantock Vet’s latest Pet of the Month

10 Nov 2016 | Pet of the month, Pet Advice

Gem the Springer Spaniel recovered from Addisons
Gem the Springer Spaniel recovered from Addisons

Gem is a beautiful 7 year old Springer Spaniel, who for a few years suffered with intermittent stiffness, lethargy and gastrointestinal signs. She visited the vets for treatment a couple of times and each time improved but the signs reoccurred. In December 2015 she showed signs of lethargy, quietness and vomiting again and came to see vet Hannah at Quantock. This time it was decided to investigate things a little further.

Bloods were taken and came back as normal so Gem went home on symptomatic treatment. Over the week she gradually got worse and came back to the hospital. It was decided she was very weak and would need to stay at the practice for intensive care. Repeat blood tests, including a specialist test called an ACTH stimulation test, and a urine sample were taken. Only then was the true cause of Gems troubles diagnosed- she had an illness called Addisons.

Hannah explains “Addisons is a hormonal disease where the body doesn’t produce enough of the stress hormone cortisol. Often affected animals are middle aged, female dogs who have signs of lethargy, vomiting and diarrhoea which comes and goes. Often it can take a long time to reach the diagnosis as signs are intermittent and vague but it can be life threatening.

“Gem was started on treatment to replace the hormones she was lacking and made a very rapid recovery. Since then she has been back to the practice for regular check-ups and blood tests to make sure she is on the correct dose of her medication. Her last check was very recently and we’re delighted to say that she was still doing extremely well!”

Fiona and Graham Nowell, her loving owners said “We would both really like to thank Hannah and Dominic and all the dedicated staff at Quantock Vets whose professionalism gave Gem a second chance of life that she is really making the most of – we could not be more happy with her.” 

Since her diagnosis Gem hasn’t had any episodes of lethargy or gastrointestinal signs, is fit and well and full of life! Congratulations lovely lady on being awarded our latest ‘Pet of the Month’!