Sonny the collie survives to celebrate Pet of the Month!

30 Dec 2018 | Pet of the month

Sonny – a delightful, eight year old male, rough collie – had severe diarrhoea out of the blue, which rapidly became very worse over a week. He had blood in the diarrhoea, he didn’t want to eat and then frighteningly rapidly went into shock – a situation where the body begins to direct blood flow to the vital organs to protect them.

Sonny was admitted to the hospital and started on very aggressive fluid therapy, antibiotics and supportive treatment. He had a set of tests to assess his general health and to investigate the diarrhoea. It was so serious that for 48 hours it was touch and go as to whether Sonny would pull through. He was disinterested in having fuss from the nurses, refusing to eat, and had profuse diarrhoea and also then began to vomit blood.

Sonny required intensive care, consisting of multiple checks through the day and night, bathing, cleaning, bandage dressings, numerous medications and reassessments on a twice daily basis.

On day three, things began to look a little more positive, Sonny took a very small amount from syringe feeding. Diarrhoea was persisting and vomiting continued. However, fortunately things continued to improve, and each day Sonny would eat more with the nurse’s syringe feeding him. Then his vomiting stopped and the diarrhoea slowed.

This turn around was the start of a steady but long recovery. He went from strength to strength, his appetite returned and Sonny’s normal friendly personality began to shine through. However, a new problem then developed. The nasty, profuse diarrhoea had begun to scold the skin around Sonny’s bottom and legs, despite best efforts of the nurses with clipping, bathing and creams. The skin developed a severe bacterial infection which required treating. Sonny continued antibiotic therapy and a twice daily skin care regime to speed of recovery, in addition to his other medications.

To everyone’s huge relief, eight days later, Sonny was well enough to go home and was discharged from the hospital to continue his care at home. His owners diligently continued his medications, kept him clean and comfortable whilst the diarrhoea resolved and cared for his severe skin infection with bathing and creams. A lot of hard work.

After four full weeks from when Sonny first was hospitalised, he was at last back to normal with no signs of a tummy upset, eating well, back to his usual ways and his skin was all recovered and normal. Since then Sonny hasn’t looked back!  We are so very pleased for Sonny and his loving owners.

Sonny’s owners added “It was a very frightening time for us as we could see how serious the situation was. We are so relieved that Sonny pulled through and really chuffed that he has been voted a Pet of the Month by the team at Quantock.”