Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic is a dedicated veterinary emergency clinic, located at Quantock Veterinary Hospital, Bridgwater, Somerset offering extensive surgical and diagnostic facilities of a vet hospital over a local vet.

Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic provides the Out of Hours emergency service for small animal* veterinary practices in the Somerset area – this is the emergency and critical care service for when these practices are closed.

* No farm animal or equine services are provided

How do I know if my pet requires emergency treatment?

If in doubt as to whether your pet is unwell, you should always call the following numbers:

  • If you are a client at Quantock Vet Hospital call 01278 450 080
  • If you belong to a member practice please call 01278 433 585

The nurse or vet will assess if a patient needs emergency treatment.

However, if they displaying any of the following symptoms, it is almost certain that they will need to see an emergency vet urgently if your pet :

  • is unconscious
  • has collapsed
  • seems weak, or unsteady
  • experiences any difficulty breathing
  • may have broken a bone
  • had or is having a seizure
  • is suffering from severe bleeding
  • has a gaping, open wound
  • seems in pain
  • has swelling around the face or head
  • may have been bitten by a snake
  • Is showing any symptoms of heatstroke
  • has a distended abdomen
  • is frothing at the mouth or drooling lots
  • is suffering from persistent vomiting, or diarrhoea and appear quieter than normal
  • has eaten something toxic: chocolate, pesticides, medicines, antifreeze
  • is suffering from any condition where it seems to be getting rapidly worse.

If in doubt always call for advice

What are the emergency hours?

On weekdays emergency hours are7pm – 9am
On Saturdays emergency hours are5.30pm – 10am
On Sundays emergency hours are4pm – 9am

How does the Somerset Emergency Clinic work?

First, call us:

  1. Let the Emergency Clinic what has happened to your pet and describe their symptoms
  2. The vet or nurse will assess the pet’s condition and will provide advice and support initially over the phone prior to transportation to Quantock Vet Hospital if an emergency appointment is required
  3. An appointment will be made after agreeing on an expected arrival time
  4. When the patient arrives, an initial assessment will be made as to whether the patient:
    • can sit in the waiting room until a vet is available
    • needs to be taken to a consult room
    • should be immediately taken to the Prep room
  5. Once the vet has carried a full assessment, the treatment may be given there and then, you may be sent home with medications, or your pet may need to be admitted for further investigations and treatment
  6. The Emergency Clinic operates on a triage basis. This means that in the most serious cases, where life-saving treatment may be needed, pets will be seen before other less critical cases
  7. Payment will be made after treatment on the day.
Dog bandaged at Somerset veterinary emergency clinic
Operation on pet at Somerset veterinary emergency clinic
Sick rabbit examined at emergency vet clinic appointment
Sick dog given eye drops at Somerset veterinary emergency clinic

Why use Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic for your sick pet?

At Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic we offer the following services for your sick pet:

  • On-site emergency vets and nurses at all times
  • open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for patient care
  • Registered veterinary and nursing staff specialists in small animal care: dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, reptiles and domestic birds
  • Full surgical hospitalization with hospital-standard facilities, treatment and equipment
  • Extensive diagnostic services: digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, on-site laboratory
  • Full intensive critical care and hospitalisation facilities and equipment
  • Large convenient Hospital car park
  • Easy access from M5 and A39 and ground floor site
  • Spacious waiting room with separate dog and quiet cat areas
  • Hearing loop system

How much does emergency treatment cost?

Clients pay an out of hours consultation fee plus the cost of treatment at the time of the visit. Please refer to our payment terms and conditions.


Who can use Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic?

If you have a sick pet and need emergency treatment you can use Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic if:

  • Your pet is registered with Quantock Vet Hospital
  • your pet is registered with another member practice in the area.

RCVS Code of professional conduct 1.4 Veterinary surgeons in practice must take steps to provide 24-hour emergency first aid and pain relief to animals according to their skills and the specific situation.

What animals can use the Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic?

At Quantock Vet Hospital we provide comprehensive high-quality veterinary services for all small animals including dogs, cats rabbits. We provide health care advice and products, through to advanced diagnostics, medical and surgical treatment, hospitalisation and intensive care.

Will you treat a wild animal as an emergency?

We work closely with Secret World Wildlife Rescue and provide an Emergency hospitalisation service for all forms of wildlife such as badgers, pigeons, deer etc.



Emergency critical care for pets in Somerset
Onsite laboratory at Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Operation on pet at Somerset veterinary emergency clinic
Emergency drugs at Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Who will I see at the Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic?

Sandra Attwood

SVEC Principal

Qualifications: DrMedVet MRCVS

Sandra, who studied in Munich, Germany is the SVEC Principal, her passion is dealing with pet emergencies and palliative care.

She graduated from the LMU in Munich in 2002, followed by a PhD in Parasitology for the Tropical department in Munich. After travelling for 1 year Sandra started her veterinary carree in Ireland in a mixed practice where she found her love for emergency medicine.

After moving to England she spent time working in a busy OOH referral centre in Bristol.
She is the proud owner of 13½-year-old rescue Hungarian Vizsla called Milo and a 3-year-old rescue cat called Kipper. She also has 6 chickens and 4 sheep (her lawnmowers!).

Outside of work Sandra loves cold-water swimming and can be found at any time of the year bathing in Clevedon Marine Lake. She takes part in the Polar Bear Challenge every year


Scott McDermott

SVEC Night Vet

Qualifications: BVMS MRCUS

Scott was born and raised in Edinburgh, but studied at Glasgow University, graduating in 2002. He enjoys emergency medicine.

His first job was at a mixed vet practice where he got a chance to experience a “James Herriot” lifestyle, calving cows at 3 am, before moving to small animals only in different places.

Scott married his wife Victoria in Puriton, and they moved to the Bridwater area to bring up their children near her family.

He has 2 dogs a hand-reared cat and an African Grey.


How to find Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic


Address and Contact Details

Emergency Clinic telephone no: 01278 433585

Quantock Veterinary Hospital
Quantock Terrace
The Drove



Somerset Veterinary Emergency Clinic is located at Quantock Vet Hospital, within easy access of the M5 and A39, on the outskirts of Bridgwater, the hospital has plenty of convenient and free parking.

  • Exit the M5 at junction 23 and follow the signs for Bridgwater
  • at the roundabout turn left
  • go straight on at the next roundabout
  • turn right at the traffic lights into The Drove
  • take the first left and then the first left again into the large, free car park.


Quantock Vet Hospital on the map