Jane Bryant – Receptionist

Jane started working as one of our Receptionists in April 2017, and says she loves every minute of it. “I wish I had done it twenty years ago, a wonderful place to work, and fabulous staff to work alongside.”

After work, she enjoys chilling out with her husband of twenty six years and the occasional visit from her children now all grown up. She also does glass etching in her spare time and making and decorating wedding cakes.

Jane has a number of pets – Buddy “the most loving dog ever” a seven year old black Working Cocker Spaniel (“though he doesn’t work”). She also has Benji, a Bichon Frise Shih tzu who had just turned seven – a “ball of total fluffyness who loves to lick!”, Casper a friendly white cat who is thirteen years old who lost his voice about five years ago and so has no meow!  And Archie another cat who is nearly four who talks for him!  On top of that Jane has a large tropical tank full of fish!