29 Apr 2018

Gizzy, pet memorial

Thank you all so much for the help and kindness to Bex and me. QVH was his second home as far as Bex was concerned and the more visits we made the happier he was.

The day that showed this most clearly was when I had brought him in at 7.30am having been unable to get him to his feet. I drove into the car park and opened the van doors, one look at the vet and nurse and Bex leapt out of the van! I was mortified. During that week Bex managed to have 3 visits in 24 hours, sheer joy for him.

Bex always seemed to enjoy throwing in complicated problems for Dominic but I always knew that a phone call to QVH would be met with help and understanding. He just loved seeing you all.

On the last Monday when we drove in, Bex managed to sit up, he knew he would be looked after and cared for.
Thank you.