Pet of the month ‘Claws’ saved by Quantock Out of Hours service

10 Sep 2018 | Pet of the month

Claws Pople, a lovely four year old female domestic short haired cat came in as an emergency case late one Friday evening in June. Claws’s owner Mr Pople explained that he had found her being mauled by a dog “I was devastated when I saw my cat hanging from a dog’s mouth and luckily quickly reacted and managed to separate Claws from the dogs mouth. I also ended up with several puncture wounds myself. I quickly contacted Quantock vets and rushed her in straight away.”

Heidi was our vet on call that evening and having inspected Claws she suspected there were fractures to her injured face. Although Mr Pople had reacted as quickly as he could, tragically Claws’s left eye had been injured beyond repair – it was ruptured and prolapsed.

Claws was admitted for stabilisation of shock which included pain relief and fluids, then in the early hours of Saturday morning Claws was x-rayed to establish the detailed situation and Heidi then performed an operation to remove her damaged left eye.

The outcome was uncertain but Mr Pople wanted to give Claws the very best chance “As you can imagine I was feeling highly emotional and wasn’t too sure on what the outcome would be as she was in a very bad way. I gave the go ahead to continue with the operation even though I had been told to expect the worst but regardless I wanted to make sure I did everything for my cat as we all love her and couldn’t imagine life without her as she is still very young. 

“I am very grateful to Heidi and the whole team who saved my cat’s life that evening, we couldn’t thank you enough!”

We’re delighted to report that Claws has recovered and healed well and is very much back in the heart of the family that love her so much. And we think she is just as beautiful as ever.

Claws’s story is a reminder of how important it can be to have 24 hours emergency treatment and care available for your loved pet. You never know when it might save a life.

Congratulations to Claws for being voted our next Pet of the Month by Staff! You and your loving family deserve it!