Regenerative Therapy helps Pet of the Month Archie’s pain

21 Sep 2018 | Other news, Pet of the month

Archie – a gorgeous eleven year old Labrador, has very bravely coped with elbow arthritis for a number of years. As time has gone by he has had to have more and more help to keep him comfortable and mobile. Early treatment involved joint supplements and anti-inflammatories – as his condition progressed thanks to his devoted owners he received hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and laser therapy. Despite this treatment at the end of last year Archie suffered a dramatic deterioration in the comfort in his left elbow – he was hopping along almost unable to weight bear, but still bravely coping with the discomfort with his usual cheerfulness. In addition to his joint supplements and anti-inflammatories three additional powerful prescription drugs were added to his treatment to try to keep him comfortable and mobile. We discussed Regenerative Therapy with Archie’s loving owners and they made the decision for Archie to be the first patient to under-go treatment using our Regenerative Therapy service.

Dominic Phillips, Archie’s vet explained “Regenerative Medicine is a very exciting field in human and veterinary medicine. It is a developing form of biological therapy based on non-drug based treatment of conditions. Quantock Veterinary Hospital’s Regenerative Therapy service is just such a therapy where a patient’s own stem cells and platelets are used to deliver anti-inflammatory and healing effects to a variety of medical conditions. We felt that Archie would be an ideal patient to benefit from this treatment.”

Archie underwent the two stage treatment process early this year and received Stem Cell therapy supplemented with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) where his own stem cells and platelets are processed to produce therapeutic preparations to inject into his affected joints. We all watched with apprehension to see how Archie would respond to the therapy – as we did not have very much else to offer him. After his therapy we saw him responding positively to the therapy and we were able to gradually withdraw his drugs one by one – by 12 weeks after therapy we had withdrawn three drugs from Archie’s treatment – leaving him on a joint supplement and one anti-inflammatory!  Dominic was delighted with Archie’s response to the treatment “Archie has always been such a happy and cheerful boy – when we were at a point where there was very little more to offer Archie in terms of treatment, it was heart breaking to see him in such pain and so disabled by his arthritis not knowing if we were going to be able to help him. We were over the moon to see Archie respond so positively to regenerative therapy and us being able to give him back his comfort and mobility.”

With the development of regenerative medicine, an entirely new treatment option has opened up for patients like Archie – a treatment that can be used in combination with usual medicine and surgery or in place of such treatments. Being able to withdraw three powerful prescription drugs from Archie’s treatment – with Archie more comfortable and mobile than he was whilst he was on them – has been a very positive achievement and those drugs are still available in the future if they are needed. Also with Archie’s stem cells now being stored frozen in a cell bank we can repeat a cycle to stem cell and PRP for Archie at any stage in the future. This gives us the prospect of keeping Archie comfortable and mobile for the years ahead – something which Archie and his loving owners so deserve.

Archie’s owners were “thrilled with Archie’s progress- we only regret we didn’t have the operation sooner!”

Huge congratulations to Archie (and his owners) for being our first Regenerative Therapy patient, and for being voted Quantock Vet’s Pet of the Month!