November Pet of the Month Nyam Boss cat nearly loses a leg

9 Dec 2017 | Pet of the month

Nyan Boss is a big five year old tabby cat who came into the Hospital one day with a large and extremely nasty wound to his leg. Miss Darby, Nyan’s owner explained “We’d only just moved house and had kept Nyan Boss in for a couple of weeks while he got used to it. He’d just started venturing out. Then one day, after letting him out first thing, he didn’t appear all through the day. By evening we were worried, Nyan Boss is a big chunky boy and he likes his food! When he wasn’t in the kitchen around his tea time we knew something must be wrong.

My partner started calling his name from the garden when he heard desperate meows from right across the other side of the dual carriageway! When we got over towards the meowing, Nyan limped out from under a car. He was in a terrible state and his leg looked awful – it was quite a shock. I hadn’t had time to register with a vet because we’d only recently moved to the area but I called my sister who recommended her vets – Quantock Vets – and helped me take him straight to them.” On admission, Nyan Boss was checked over by vet Heidi – there was no obvious fracture palpable. The wound was flushed and pain relief and antibiotics started immediately. It was unclear what had caused the wound, possible a road traffic accident or maybe a nasty fall, we will probably never be sure.

Nyan Boss came back in the following day to have his wound further cleaned and dead tissue removed under anaesthetic. The wound extended further than expected on investigation as there was a large pocket extending up the leg under the skin. The skin was closed down as much as possible however there was still a very large wound – it was really very serious. Brave Nyan Boss then went through dressing changes every 48 hours to protect and help stimulate wound healing. After two weeks of having the dressing changed every 48 hours, the changes were reduced.

A week later we were all pleased that his wound was significantly better and no longer required bandaging. His progress has been superb. He had to wear a cone to stop him irritating the stitched area but it has healed really well – a huge relief to his family who have had an expensive time with the house move and are extremely relieved for many reasons that it wasn’t going to need more drastic treatment like amputation.

Nyan Boss – who was named by Miss Darby’s seven year old daughter – is an amazing cat; despite his horrible wound and the obvious pain he was in, he was always gentle and calm with our staff and amazingly never scratched or fought them despite all they had to do to him. We are particularly glad that he didn’t have to have the leg amputated which was a real concern at one point and so pleased that his wound is very nearly healed. We hope he can now settle in his new home and enjoy a happy and trouble free Christmas with his family.

Congratulations on being voted our November ‘Pet of the Month’ Nyan Boss! No more adventures please!