Microchip Deadline

7 Feb 2016 | Special offers

April Deadline Reminder!

We just wanted to remind all dog owners that all dogs, over 8 weeks old, must be microchipped by 6th April 2016;

  • Dog breeders must microchip their puppies by eight-weeks-old and before they are transferred to a new keeper, who will then be responsible for updating it with their details;
  • Owners are responsible for keeping their details up to date, there are services available online to check if your details are current alternatively you can phone the microchip company to check.
Under the regulations, your dog is considered microchipped when you
  1. implant the dog with a chip and
  2. register your details on an approved database.
If you do not get your dog microchipped or your details registered on an approved database, then it will be considered as not complying with the regulations and a notice may be served. If the keeper does not microchip their dogs within 21 days of the served notice, then you will be liable to pay a fine of £500.
We are offering a discounted price to support this new legislation – £10.99 for a standard microchip. This discounted price is only available until 6th April 2016.
We are also offering a free microchip check service by a nurse, to enable you to see if your pet does have a microchip and if the details are up to date.