Lucky Lottie the Rottie

3 Dec 2017 | Pet of the month

Lottie is a friendly seven year old rescue, Rottweiler. In May 2017 her owners Dean and Anne-Marie noticed her drooling rather a lot and that her mouth looked a little red. They then noticed that she had developed a lump in her mouth and several small skin lumps. The lumps appeared very quickly and, although small, their sudden appearance raised concern. They brought her in to the hospital and after a consultation with vet Heidi, Lottie underwent general anaesthesia and three skin lumps and the mouth lump were removed and sent away for analysis.

The diagnosis was returned, worryingly to all concerned, as a rare form of cancer called epitheliotropic lymphoma. This can cause lumps and inflammation within the skin and also has the potential to affect other organs. Unfortunately for poor Lottie by the time the stitches were removed from the original operation sites, seven new lumps had developed! Lottie’s owner was devastated “We had another lovely rescued Rottie called Kaiser who died last December – he was such a gorgeous, gentle boy and Lottie’s great friend, we couldn’t bear the thought that we now might lose Lottie too.”

Vet Rhiannon explained what treatment she suggested “The treatment of epitheliotropic lymphoma involved administering chemotherapy to try and achieve a period of remission from the disease. The concept of chemotherapy can be very frightening to owners but we use very different protocols to those used in human medicine as our aim is to not cause any side effects and maintain a good quality of life. The drugs used can cause some side effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea and also it can affect the bone marrow production of blood cells.”

“We were so grateful to Rhiannon for explaining everything so well” said Lottie’s owner “We wanted to make sure that we were doing the right thing for Lottie and not just to make us feel better, both Rhiannon and Heidi were so good at talking it all through with us to help us make our decision.”

Lottie was started on a drug called Lomustine, she had this orally every three weeks and in order to monitor the effects of the drug we took blood samples to check her white blood cell count prior to every dose and at seven days following each dose.

The fantastic news is that all of Lottie’s lumps, apart from one, completely disappeared after one dose of the chemotherapy. The final lump in Lottie’s skin on her neck then finally disappeared after the fourth dose. Six doses were given in total and Lottie has now changed to a less intensive maintenance protocol.

Lottie has had no side effects during her chemotherapy apart from being a little tired after each dose. If anything her owners think she is even more full of fun now than she was before her treatment! She now takes a regular tablet that is kept in the fridge and has to be administered very carefully by her loving owners. “We are so very grateful to the team at Quantock. Everyone was so kind and helpful from Reception to all the clinical staff who were involved. They were all so caring and kept us so well informed – when you’re in such a stressful situation this makes a huge difference. We are so very pleased we chose to go ahead with the treatment – Lottie is commonly mistaken for a puppy when we’re out and about she’s so full of life!”

Despite all the treatment Lottie loves coming in to see us and is such a friendly dog. We are so pleased that Lottie is in remission! CONGRATULATIONS brave Lottie – our Pet of the Month!