Lemmy the spaniel survives stone removal operation and wins Pet of the Month!

23 Nov 2019 | Pet of the month

Gorgeous Lemmy, an eight month old spaniel, was rushed in on a Sunday to our out-of-hours clinic after his owner noticed he was not at all well. Nearly a week previously Lemmy was running around with “his favourite pebble”. He then swallowed it! However, Lemmy had been happy and well until that Sunday when he started showing signs of all not being well.

Mr Codd explained “Lemmy swallowed the pebble but it wasn’t too big and it was smooth so we hoped it would pass through. We kept a close eye on him and all seemed well until nearly a week later when we noticed he didn’t want to get out of bed, he had been to the toilet in his bed (most unusual for him) and when he tried to eat something he vomited immediately. He then went downhill quite rapidly. It was horrendous.”

The Codds brought Lemmy straight in and they saw Heidi one of our experienced vets. She immediately arranged for an x-ray which revealed clearly that he had indeed eaten a stone and unfortunately for Lemmy it was causing a serious blockage within his intestines, something that could prove fatal.

You can see the stone clearly (showing white) in the X-ray!

Lemmy had surgery that Sunday night which went successfully and the mischievous boy went home the next day to recover!

Lemmy stubbornly didn’t want to take his antibiotics – stones clearly tasted nicer – but his owner managed to encourage him and now, thankfully he is absolutely fine and “back to being a bundle of joy and total a menace!

Lemmy now knows the word ‘drop‘ – and now the garden is astro turf rather than stones!

Many dogs develop a habit of eating stones and it can be damaging both to their teeth and intestines and can be potentially very dangerous so a habit you want to discourage.

We’re so delighted you’re better lovely Lemmy! Huge congratulations from all of us!