Inca – Pet of the Month

5 Feb 2016 | Pet of the month

When Inca was brought into the Hospital in July 2015, he had been missing for 3 days and had been found limping with wounds to his back leg. After examination by veterinary surgeon Dee, it was suspected that Inca had been hit by a car, causing damage to his hind-limbs.

An x-ray confirmed that Inca had a very serious fracture to his right hind-limb. The femur (thigh bone) had been smashed into 5 displaced separate fragments. This injury presented Mr and Mrs Philipson-Selway with a dilemma – whether we should undertake the complicated reconstruction and repair of Inca’s leg or whether to amputate it. They decided to try to save the leg and so veterinary surgeons Dominic and Dee undertook at 3 hour operation to reconstruct Inca’s femur with pins, wires and an external scaffold system, called an external fixator.

Having successfully reconstructed the femur, Inca and his owners started the slow and laborious process of his rehabilitation which involved him being confined to a cage – much to his displeasure – and having the pins of the external fixator cleaned twice daily – even more to his displeasure! He was reminded on a daily basis of how lucky he was that his leg had been saved rather than amputated and perhaps he should be a little more grateful to his owners!

Over time the mending of his femur was monitored and assessed by serial x-rays; it was a slow process and as the healing progressed the external fixator was dismantled stage by stage. During this time Inca was allowed increasingly more freedom about the house – much to his owners stress as he careered around and wrestled with Nala – his feline friend!

Eventually with one final pin remaining in his femur Inca decided he was better and that it was time for it to come out – and removed it himself. A final x-ray confirmed full healing of the femur and he was signed off! Not quite to life as normal – as he is now grounded and not allowed out of the house and garden!

Mrs Philipson-Selway added “Dominic was fantastic with us, he helped us make the decision for Inca. Inca is my daughters cat and the bond that he has with her is just amazing. Although it was a long and hard journey with Inca and it has tested us to our limits we wouldn’t change a thing. Dominic and his team are phenomenal people and worth every penny. So thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts to everyone involved for all the support that they gave Inca and us as a family.”

Congratulations Inca! We hope you continue to get better and better!