Highest Gold standard ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ award

20 Feb 2017 | Practice news

Gold Cat Friendly Clinic award
Gold Cat Friendly Clinic award

The team at Quantock Veterinary Hospital were very pleased to be awarded, again, the very highest standard International Cat Care ‘Gold Clinic’ award.

As we know, taking a cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful, both for the cat and also the owner. The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics and so reducing the stress for the cat, and making veterinary visits easier for cat owners as well. ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ is a worldwide programme from the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of International Cat Care.  We are so pleased to be awarded their very highest standard, ‘Gold Clinic’ award again this year.

If you’re interested in all the criteria required to meet the Gold standard – from waiting room, consulting, hospitalisation facilities etc, it’s all here: https://icatcare.org/cat-campaigns/cat-friendly-clinic

Some of the criteria include:

The clinic must adhere to ISFMs cat friendly principles at all times when handling cats and dealing with clients. This includes:
• Adhering to the AAFP/ISFM 2011 Feline Friendly Handling Guidelines
• Adhering to the AAFP/ISFM 2012 Feline Friendly Nursing Care Guidelines
• Showing a gentle, empathetic and respectful approach to cats when being handled or restrained
• Minimising stress during handling, examinations and procedures
• Recognising and appropriately responding to feline fear and anxiety
• Advising clients about how to reduce stress during the journey to and from the vet clinic
• Avoiding heavy manual restraint and ‘scruffing’ of cats
• Considering ways to minimise the negative impacts of odours, bright lights and noise for cats in the clinic

There must be a quiet, calm, cat-only hospitalisation ward for all feline patients that is physically partitioned
from any canine ward with a solid barrier. The ward must have adequate and appropriate:
• Lighting
• Ventilation
• Temperature control
• Cages of good condition and of sufficient number for the clinical workload

There’s a lot more we cover to secure our Gold status. We’re very pleased to have it recognised. If you’d like to know more, please do ask one of our staff.