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7 Mar 2017 | Pet Advice, Practice news

Heart health is critical for big dogs
Heart health is critical for big dogs
Heart health is critical for big dogs

For all our clients, until the end of May we are offering FREE nurse-lead ‘Healthy Hearts Consultations’ for dogs and cats. Heart disease tends to affect certain breeds more than others but all dogs and cats can suffer from it. Symptoms include breathing problems, lethargy and weight loss. It can be life threatening but if it’s diagnosed and treated early it can make a big difference.

These helpful appointments include a free 20-30 minute consultation with a trained nurse who will run through some key questions relating to your pet and heart disease. The clinic and consultation can be very reassuring but if anything of concern is identified, clients will be recommended an appointment with one of our vets. This vet appointment will be at a reduced rate of £23.45 (reduced from £31.45) – they will assess the patient further and if appropriate make any recommendations for further diagnostics and treatment.

If you are at all concerned that your dog or cat may be at risk of heart disease – please feel free to call us on 01278 450080 for more information or to arrange to be seen at a free nurse clinic. We see some heart breaking cases but if the condition is diagnosed early it really can make a significant different to the quality and length of a pet’s life.

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