French Bulldog puppy Ruby survives Parvovirus and is voted Quantock Vets Pet of the Month!

14 Jan 2019 | Pet of the month

Ruby, a very pretty 10 week old French Bulldog puppy, was transferred to us from another veterinary practice one Friday evening in July.  She was weak with severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea and was struggling to lift her head.  The original vet suspected Parvovirus and had sent faecal samples away to investigate – results were expected in the next few days. We likewise feared Parvovirus – an extremely serious and highly contagious and deadly virus which causes severe and protracted gastroenteritis in puppies.  Ruby was therefore admitted to our isolation facility and placed on intensive care, with high-rate intravenous fluids, antibiotics, antacids and medication to try to stop the vomiting.

Despite this Ruby continued to vomit and was unable to keep anything down for several days.  We kept her hydrated with a drip and maintained her sugar levels with oral glucose gels but knew we could not start feeding her until the vomiting stopped. Our hearts went out to Ruby’s worried owners and poor Ruby – a tiny little mite, isolated, weak and unable find the energy to interact with us.

After four days Ruby seemed less nauseous and we started to give her some high-calorie paté – she was still vomiting but at least managed to keep some nutrition down. Although not happy, we were encouraged. On day five she managed to eat some chicken, and by day six she had turned the corner – bright and barking for fuss and attention (which is very difficult to give when gowned-up and trying to keep her isolated!).

We were still awaiting her faecal results, and only much later found out the faeces had been sent by the original practice to Germany, and it did confirm Parvovirus!  We sent a fresh sample to a laboratory in the UK, and had the happy news on day 7 that the virus had gone. Cue many cuddles and great happiness! What a relief!

Ruby went home after one week of intensive care – a skinny little thing, but determined to survive.  She went from strength to strength and rapidly gained weight. Our Vet Sarah said “Ruby was very lucky to have dedicated and loving owners who had presented her for her first vaccination 9 days before she became ill and who had fortunately taken out pet insurance. Parvovirus is included in puppy vaccinations but full immunity does not develop until one week after the second injection (which is given from 10 weeks of age onwards), this is why it is vital to try to ensure a puppy is not exposed to infection before this time. We are all so delighted that Ruby survived such a devastating virus – she’s a true fighter and we’re really happy she was voted our next Pet of the Month!” 

Congratulations to Ruby and her dedicated owners. Ruby’s owners added “After having our beautiful little puppy home for less than two weeks our little girl started to become less active and less energetic. Her poos had started to become jelly-fied and she started vomiting, She wasn’t eating her food or drinking any water. She laid on her bed barely moving. This was heartbreaking to see. We  contacted our original vets by phone and we were told to see how she is in the next few days. We then contacted them again worried sick as there was no improvement which was they then finally said to bring her in. We weren’t at all satisfied with the service. They diagnosed her with possible Parvovirus and transferred us to Quantock Veterinary Practice. These guys were absolutely amazing but we were still left lost and devastated that our pup was so poorly. We constantly rung for updates and the staff were always so helpful. We knew Ruby was in the best place possible, but we still had to prepare ourselves for the worst as there wasn’t much change through the week. Receiving the news that our little Ruby had turned the corner and was able to come home after a very long week was the most amazing news! We couldn’t wait to go and see her. After coming home she soon grew back to the energetic happy, lively little pup we had before, although she was very skinny, she quickly gained weight and grew stronger each day.  Ruby is now a very lucky, strong girl and we are so lucky to have had the right care and support for her.  We would like to thank all of Quantock Vets you all done an amazing job.”

We are as happy as you are at the outcome. Parvovirus is a terrifying disease. Well done Ruby!