Free heart checks for your dog

15 Jun 2018 | Life stage support, Practice news

Heart disease in dogs is a very common problem, and can go un-diagnosed for many years. This is because changes to your dog’s heart tend not to cause symptoms until the later stages of the disease process. However, there are ways in which we can tell if your dog’s heart is changing before symptoms develop. Our vets can pick up changes to the sound of your dog’s heart which may indicate there is a problem developing. This is called a heart murmur. Heart murmurs are graded from 1-6, and if your dog has a grade 3 murmur or above, there is a high chance your dogs heart has a problem called mitral valve disease.

Mitral valve disease (MVD) is a problem which affects middle aged to older, small breed dogs. It causes changes to one of the valves in the heart, resulting in the heart not working properly and eventually leads to heart failure. Heart failure is incredibly serious, can shorten life expectancy and often results in symptoms which may greatly impact a quality of life. Here’s a very helpful video about MVD.

A ground breaking study has now revealed that early diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference to your dog’s quality of life and life expectancy. In simple terms, early treatment can delay the onset of symptoms, resulting in your dog living a healthier life for longer.

We are inviting all patients who are at risk of mitral valve disease to come in for a FREE appointment for one of our vets to listen to your dog’s heart. Should we identify a murmur of grade 3 or above, we would recommend an ultrasound scan of the heart to look at the heart in more detail. We are offering this at a 33% discount of £80 – that’s a saving of £40 – if it is recommended for your dog at one of our free vet checks.

Dominic Phillips, Veterinary Surgeon said “A heart scan is the best method of diagnosing mitral valve disease in dogs. Based on this scan we can talk to you about the best treatment for your dog should mitral valve disease be identified.”

Please don’t miss the opportunity to book in for one of our free heart checks – it can really help avoid serious problems in the future. Ring the practice to book your appointment with one of our vets!