Flopsy December’s Pet of the Month full of bounce again

3 Feb 2020 | Other news, Pet of the month

Flopsy is a gorgeous seven and a half year old chap and is hugely popular at the hospital – he has found a way into all our hearts! Despite our fondness of him – he has unfortunately spent more time at hospital than we would ever really want.

Since November last year, when we saw him as an emergency admission, Flopsy has been suffering from a very complicated and serious gastro-intestinal disorder where the digestive system stops movement and contractions leading to stasis of the intestines – which can be a life threatening condition. Such disorders are relatively common in rabbits and are usually simple to treat, with the underlying cause often being related to factors such as dental health or diet and nutrition. However Flopsy is an exceedingly well looked after rabbit and having failed to respond fully to medical treatment, has revealed a much more complicated and serious form of this disorder.

We have excellent vet and nursing knowledge, skills and expertise in rabbits and other small herbivores and Flopsy has been subject to extensive diagnostic investigations, including blood profiles, faecal profiles, urine analysis, x-rays and ultrasound scans. We have found significant results in the investigations, such as a dense sediment in the bladder and an E-coli urine infection, however intensive medical treatment and nursing achieves remission of his symptoms but they relapse once the treatment is stopped or reduced.

So Flopsy is an on-going clinical puzzle, with our vet and nurse team working hard to get to the bottom of his troubles and find a way to keep him a happy and well bunny and to keep him at home rather than in hospital. It is always a joy to see Flopsy – but we truly hope to see less of him in the future!

Flopsy’s loving owner said “Flopsy is a bit of a ladies man and I think enjoys coming in to see the staff at Quantock and getting all the attention! It’s terrific to have found a practice that has a genuine interest in rabbits and real expertise. Thank you to all the staff, particularly vets Louise and Dominic. I honestly think Flopsy would have died if I hadn’t been moved here for his treatment and care.”