Diabetic cat wins March Pet of the Month

12 Jun 2018 | Pet of the month

In October 2016 Nicholas – a loving RSPCA rescue cat – was brought in suffering from weight loss and PUPD – excessive water consumption and urine production. His owners said they had noticed a change in Nicholas over a matter of weeks where he dramatically lost weight and became subdued. Blood tests showed very high levels of glucose. His urine was tested and this also had ‘off the scale’ glucose levels. It was very quickly a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes.

Glucose curves were carried out shortly afterwards and Nicholas was started on insulin therapy. He immediately showed an improvement which was great news for everyone.  In December Nicholas was checked again but worryingly showed further weight loss, repeat curves were carried out and increasing dose of insulin. His weight loss continued so further tests were done and this showed Nicholas had pancreatitis. A very concerning condition which is critical to control. His weight plummeted from 3.7 to 2.5kg and with ongoing concerns that his diabetes was out of control, and with contributing issues of pancreatitis, Nicholas was referred to Cave Veterinary Specialists.

Caves did a number of tests which confirmed Nicholas had diabetes, pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Poor Nicholas – three major conditions to cope with! The medicine specialists at Caves needed to work out how to control all three diseases at once – not an easy task.  He was sent home with a variety of medicines, and still required insulin twice daily. Nicholas was then a regular visitor back at the practice for glucose curves and vitamin injections, and eventually – much to everyone’s delight – we saw an improvement in his weight.

His owners explained “Everyone at Quantock vets were amazing and very supportive from the start (of a long road ahead). They didn’t sugar coat the facts but explained everything in a way that gave us hope and were always very loving toward Nicholas. They referred to Caves specialist in Wellington who again were fantastic and were able to get to the bottom of other underlying problems and help us stabilise Nic and balance the right medications. At one point in his treatment he sported a rather dashing grey mane!

We have now settled into a routine with Nicholas being fed at 6.30am and 6.30pm every day with an insulin injection half an hour later. No more lie ins for us!  On the odd occasion we have been distracted and forgotten to give Nic his ‘jab’, he has come to find us and remind us! He even jumps up on the table ready to be injected.

As well as injections at home Nicholas also has regular visits to Quantock for check ups, blood tests and other various jabs. We also administer 12 and 24 hour glucose curves at home which involve a blood sample being taken every two hours via a small prick to the ear. Again Nicholas generally takes it all in his stride, apart from the odd grumpy day.

We are all delighted to say that throughout it all Nicholas hasn’t looked back! All three conditions are being closely monitored and managed well. His owners regularly will do his glucose curves at home, saving him having to spend the day in hospital. His weight is now well over 5kg and Nicholas looks like a different cat all together!

His owners added “Sadly Nicholas is a house cat these days but it doesn’t seem to bother him and genuinely appears grateful for all we do for him. We might be biased but he’s a little legend and we are proud that anyone who meets him generally falls in love with him. The last 20 months have certainly been a roller coaster but we have been incredibly lucky to have to help and support of all at Quantock vets, especially Hannah.  We really couldn’t recommend a better practice or a better vet.

We are all so happy for Nicholas and his dedicated owners – what a lot to cope with!  You so deserve to be March’s Pet of the Month! Congratulations!