Congratulations long suffering moggy Mario our Pet of the Month!

15 Dec 2019 | Pet of the month

Mario is a brave, shy six year old little moggy cat who was transferred to us from another practice with difficulties passing urine.  He had “blocked” – and was completely unable to urinate – two days previously, and the original vets had had to unblock him on three separate occasions.  On the third occasion it was deemed sensible to leave the tube to the bladder (a urinary catheter) in place for a good three days, allowing the whole urinary system to recover: thus he came to Quantock Vets for 24-hour care.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat cumbersome and uncomfortable having a plastic tube in your bladder, and on his second day with us we had to replace the catheter twice (one catheter bent out of shape and Mario pulled the replacement out).  With pain relief and plenty of loving nursing we managed to persuade him to tolerate the catheter for a couple more days until, one Saturday evening, Mario yanked it out again!  We monitored him closely, but by night time it was clear he was struggling again and so we were back to square one.

Duty vet Sarah went back to the drawing board, and repeated x-rays that had been done by the original vet – this time they revealed the answer – Mario had bladder stones! Sarah explained “These tiny fellows, measuring just a few millimetres, were periodically entering the penis and blocking urine flow.  I managed to wiggle one out of the tip of the penis, and then replaced the urinary catheter.  A repeat x-ray showed that the remaining stones had moved back toward the bladder and so it was thought that it would be possible to remove these stones surgically from the bladder if we could flush them back there.”

After a day to recover, Mario went to surgery.  Vet Louise flushed and flushed until she was able to remove all the stones from the bladder.  Sadly, though, this was not the end of the story: having initially recovered well it became clear, three days later, that Mario had gone downhill.  His abdomen was filling with fluid which, when sampled, proved to be urine.  There was a tiny leak from the bladder repair allowing urine to escape into the abdomen.  He went back to surgery, and the leak was sealed. 

Thankfully, this little trooper – who was rescued by his loving owners as a kitten along with another kitten Molly from the wonderful Heaven’s Gate centre based in Langport and owned by the National Animal Welfare Trust – recovered brilliantly. He went home the next day, passing large volumes of urine and so pleasing his loving owner and all of us who had become so fond of him! 

Mario’s owner said “He has gone through so much – it was the worst time. But he is so much better now and continues to do well. In fact if anything he has really come out of his shell since he went through it all. We are so relieved! He now even lets our bouncy cockapoo puppy Bailey wash his ears – something he would never have done before!” 

Mario will be monitored closely for the development of new stones, but otherwise is enjoying life at home.