Congratulations George the tortoise

8 Oct 2019 | Pet of the month

George – a mischievous six year old tortoise and much loved family pet had been missing for over half a year when he was suddenly found buried in long grass. George’s owner explained “We believe that George had dug himself into the ground as we had thoroughly searched the lawned area where he had his enclosure on numerous occasions after his disappearance.” The Lowe family had given up finding George but unfortunately they came across him whilst the grass was being mowed in the spring and consequently unlucky George suffered some very nasty injuries from the mower – injuries which penetrated his lungs. 

The family were very distressed – so happy to have found him alive, but obviously devastated to have discovered him like this!

“As George had been missing for some time, he was physically very low and so we gave him lots of supportive care – fluids, antibiotics, assisted feeding and warm baths for example” explained Louise, one of our vets with a special interest in tortoises and other exotic animals. “We took bloods and x-rays and thankfully he showed no further serious injuries or ill effects.”

“We are so thankful that Louise had joined Quantock Vets when she did, clearly without her help he may not have survived” said a relieved Mrs Lowe.

Once George’s wounds were cleaned and the lungs started to heal up we used hydrogel to pack the shell and speed up healing. The final healing was aided by a silver based cream.

We are delighted to say that George is now fully recovered and has enjoyed a happy summer back home after his adventure and accident! Mrs Lowe added “George is quite a mischievous character who likes to stalk our dogs to bite their feet or tails!!  He also has a special bum wiggle which he does to show his annoyance. He showed this on many occasions to Louise!”

Congratulations George – we love a happy ending – bum wiggle or no bum wiggle!