Congratulations Carrie Chameleon!

15 Sep 2019 | Pet of the month

Carrie, a sweet natured little, one year old chameleon was brought in to us by her worried owner. She was suffering from swollen, red eyes that wouldn’t open.

“Eye problems are quite common in chameleons in captivity” explained Louise, Carrie’s vet. “In the wild they use rain drops to regularly flush out their eyes but obviously this isn’t possible when living inside, which is why it’s important to spray the vivarium with water so they can also drink droplets off the leaves.”

“We administered a saline eye flush in the hospital and advised weekly showers at home. Carrie was suffering from some secondary infection so she was started on some antibiotic eye drops. We also took X-rays to check for any other potential problems but thankfully everything else was fine.”

As chameleons need their sight to catch their food, her owner needed to help with her feeding whilst she got better. She improved on the antibiotics but her eyelids remained closed and swollen. We then put her on a Vitamin A supplement as her symptoms indicated a deficiency. Two weeks after starting her Vitamin supplement, Carrie was showing off her beautiful eyes again and was all back to good health.

It’s important to look out for signs of illness in your chameleon and take the proper steps to deal with them, just like Carrie’s owner did. This can greatly improve the long-term health and life expectancy of your pet.

Congratulations to Carrie – we love our unusual pets as much as our wonderful range of cats and dogs and it’s lovely to see them restored to their healthy vibrant selves after becoming unwell. Carrie you are our first chameleon to win Pet of the Month!