Congratulations brave Tilly the Labrador

11 Nov 2019 | Pet of the month

Tilly, a gorgeous eight year old black Labrador recently broke her back right leg very badly after most unfortunately catching it on the tow hitch of the vehicle and then falling backwards – ouch! After hearing a horrible snapping sound Tilly’s distressed owners, long time clients of ours, rushed her to us, her poor damaged leg swinging in the breeze.

Our vet Abi who saw Tilly explained “X-rays showed that poor Tilly had broken her leg at the level of the hock. As well as that her tibia was displaced with several fragments of bone from the hock loose as well. We repositioned the tibia and bandaged the leg for stability. As it was such a complicated break Tilly was then referred to Rowe Referrals for complex surgery with Mark Owen. Tilly had a CT scan at Rowe and then had wires placed through the hock along with an external fixator frame.

The frame was in place for 4 hard weeks to keep Tilly’s bone stable whilst it healed. During this time Tilly returned to us for very frequent dressing changes. She was a very good patient!”

Lovely Tilly has since had the frame removed and we are delighted to say has returned to normal exercise.

Tilly’s owner added “Tilly had her, hopefully, last x ray at Bristol recently. All was pretty well OK – one ligament has refused to knit together but luckily not a major one so she is resuming limited exercise for another four weeks and then she should be back to ‘normal’. She is keeping up with her hydrotherapy, which she enjoys.”

Congratulations Tilly on being voted our latest Pet of the Month, we hope you’re back to 100% recovery very soon!