Congratulations to Cola the diabetic cat

15 Nov 2016 | Pet of the month, Special offers, Pet Advice

Cola the diabetic cat
Cola the diabetic cat
Cola the diabetic cat
Cola the diabetic cat

September’s Pet of the Month is gorgeous Cola, a 13 year old cat who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition we see fairly frequently in cats and dogs. Affected animals often eat, drink and wee more and tend to lose weight because they have trouble regulating their blood glucose levels.

Cola’s story started a few months ago when he began to show all the typical signs of diabetes. Noticing his symptoms his vigilant owners were prompted to bring him down to us for a check-up. He had blood and urine tests performed which confirmed that Cola did indeed have diabetes.

Over the past few months Cola has been a regular visitor at the Hospital to have his blood sugars monitored to ensure he was on the correct dose of insulin. We are very pleased to say his diabetic signs are improving and he seems to be coping well with his insulin injections. Having a diabetic animal isn’t easy because it requires a lot of commitment to get them back to good health.

Cola’s owners have been fantastic at keeping a diary for him to help monitor his progress, and have been doing very well to give him his insulin injections twice daily as well as all the care and attention he needs. Mr Edwards said “It is a big commitment. We had a pre- booked holiday before he was diagnosed and we managed to find an excellent cattery, out in the country, which had a vet nurse on site who could administer Cola’s injections. This means owners don’t have to miss out on holidays. We told him it was a holiday camp for cats!”  

Many thanks to Mr Edwards for giving us this video showing perfectly how accepting Cola now is about having his twice daily insulin injection!

So, well done to Cola’s brilliant and committed owners and the team at Quantock for another successful story. And congratulations to the Edwards’s and Cola for being voted Pet of the Month!

If you are concerned about your feline friend, you are always welcome to make an appointment with one of our vets to check them over. We are a Cat Friendly Practice, so we will do our very best to make the visit as comfortable and stress free as possible for you and your cat!

And don’t forget, November is Diabetes Month and we’re offering a free Nurse Diabetes Clinic with a simple test for diabetes for cats and dogs. Please take advantage of it and contact us if you’re at all concerned about potential symptoms in your pet.