Brave collie Freddie battles through to become October Pet of the Month!

21 Jan 2020 | Other news

Freddie Thomas is a very beautiful 9 month old collie, he was brought in to us on 7th October and saw vet Heidi as he was ‘not quite right’. He was a little bit quiet the day before and on the morning he came to see us he did not want his breakfast! He presented to Heidi with a strange hunched posture. His temperature was high and he seemed uncomfortable but there was nothing else unusual to note. We decided to treat the pain and monitor Freddie as if he as recovering from an injury.

Two days later Freddie came in again, this time he saw vet Michal, he was not improving and was now more obviously hunched over. With a concern that this may be a spinal injury Freddie was put on very strict rest with pain medications, and to consider referral to a specialist if his condition deteriorated.

On the 13th of October Freddie returned and saw our vet Sarah. This time his condition had deteriorated significantly, his temperature was even higher than before, he was off his food, he had started having diarrhoea and he was very unhappy. He was admitted to the hospital so that we could start him on intravenous fluid therapy, run blood tests and take x-rays. Freddie was put on antibiotics alongside his pain relief and stayed in hospital for close observations.

Freddie’s bloods, urine and parameters were checked and there was little to no improvement. Sarah decided it was time to investigate less common causes of such symptoms, one being meningitis. To test for meningitis we needed to take a sample of Freddie’s spinal fluid. He was put under an anaesthetic so that Michal could take the sample using a spinal needle to extract the fluid from the cerebellomedullary cistern, a space in the spinal area at the top of the neck. The sample was sent to an external laboratory for urgent testing.

Whilst still awaiting the results Freddie was nursed in hospital and day by day started to improve, on the 17th October Freddie had improved so much that he was able to be cared for at home. Whilst everyone was very happy to see his improvement we had also grown very attached to Freddie and it was almost sad to be sending him home and not having him around! The next day Freddie’s results were back and revealed that Freddie did have meningitis, an uncommon but potentially very dangerous condition! He was put on a long course of steroids.

Freddie came to see Heidi for a re-check on the 25th of October, he had continued to improve daily, looking more and more like the bouncy puppy he was before. Freddie was very slowly weaned off of his steroids and all is well!

Freddie’s owner said “We get a little tear remembering how poorly he was but looking at him now we can’t thank you all enough for saving our beautiful crazy Freddie!! We love him to bits!” We totally understand why! 

Congratulations Freddie! We are so delighted that you battled through such an uncommon and dangerous condition!