Brave Cassie wins Pet of the Year 2016!

27 Feb 2017 | Pet of the month, Pet of the year, Practice news

Pet of the Month winners 2016
Judges at our Pet of the Year 2016!
Cassie - 2016 Pet of the Year
Cassie's family at Pet of the Year 2016!
Maisy's family at Pet of the Year 2016!
Maisy's family at Pet of the Year 2016!
Inca - Outstanding Owner Dedication 2016

On 23rd of February we held our ‘Pet of the Year’ event celebrating some of our most remarkable and admired patients of 2016! You may know that every month our staff vote for their most inspiring patient – not an easy task comparing around one thousand patients that we will have seen over the month! This year the twelve nominated animals ranged from cherished cats and dogs that had endured traumatic accidents, distressing conditions, a dog whose greedy ways got her into serious trouble and a tortoise who needed extra attention after hibernation. Each one of these remarkable pets has their own story and behind them loving and dedicated owners.

This year after an evening of presentations and much deliberation our three kind judges – Hannah Norton from Royal Canin, Nicky Kerswell from Petplan and Niki Ingleby from Elanco – chose Cassie, a little 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier as our 2016 ‘Pet of the Year’. Cassie had suffered from a serious heart condition, and some weeks after complex surgery tragically but peacefully died earlier this year. Her good nature and gorgeous character and her owner’s devotion and determination to try to do the right thing for her, made her one of our most loved patients last year.

The ‘Pet of the Year’ Award event allows the hospital staff an opportunity to award a prize to their most admired pet and thank all of their remarkable owners for their commitment and loyalty to their animals and the Hospital. Nicky Kerswell from Petplan having heard all twelve cases, said “It was an honour to be involved in such a wonderful event, however, this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! It was an inspiration to learn about the individual cases and the great bonds between everyone involved from lovely owners, great veterinary surgeons, dedicated nurses, caring reception team, and of course at the centre of it all the truly wonderful pets! They were all so special in their own way but Cassie’s story particularly touched us.”

This year as well as an overall ‘Pet of the Year’, there were special categories for ‘Bravest Pet’ – won by Maisy a six year old Bull Mastiff Cross and ‘Outstanding Owner Dedication’ – won by Inca a cat that had been involved in an appalling road traffic accident. Hannah Norton from Royal Canin added “The Hospital is a superb facility with an extremely experienced and caring staff. They see some very complex cases and the twelve month’s winners have already been picked as particularly special for one reason or another so it was very hard to choose category winners. Maisy’s story had also impressed us with what she and her owners had been through with her aggressive tumour and complicated surgery and recovery – we were happy awarding her the ‘Bravest Pet’ award.”

Niki Ingleby from Elanco explained why Inca had been picked for ‘Outstanding Owner Dedication’ – “This was perhaps the hardest decision because as Hannah said, all these owners had been hugely dedicated and were each so impressive. However, hearing Dominic describe what Inca’s owners had been through with the hard decision on whether to operate on his very damaged leg and then the long and difficult journey through months of vigilant recovery, was perhaps particularly impressive.”

Veterinary nurse Sian Holman who manages the scheme was pleased to see the evening come together so well “Over the year we see a huge range of animals and problems. Some of the cases and stories behind them are complex, some rewarding and some of course heart-breaking but many of our patients and importantly their owners are an inspiration to those of us who work here. They help make our jobs rewarding and this is our chance to celebrate some of those that have been considered perhaps particularly special.”

Cassie’s owner was very moved “We would like to thank all those at Quantock Vets for giving Cassie the best care, best chance and an extra few months. She has left us with wonderful memories and a love never to be forgotten. We got so much from that evening. To see how much you all cared for her was therapeutic for us.”

Maisy’s owner added “Wednesday was a lovely evening and Sian and everyone did so well. We are totally shocked but thrilled that Maisy won ‘Bravest Pet’ and that they mentioned Murphy too, it means so much to us both. We feel we’ve been super spoilt, so many lovely gifts and bits in the goodie bags, so much more than we expected. They’ve both certainly enjoyed all their new toys and treats! We cannot thank everyone at Quantock Veterinary Hospital enough for what they did for Maisy. Everyone treated her so kindly and although we missed her so much, it was so nice knowing she had the attention and care of the lovely staff. It seemed a long journey to recovery but with thanks to the whole team we now have her home and back to her normal self. It was lovely to meet you all in person. And thank you once again for everything.”

Congratulations to all our Pet of the Months and especially to Cassie our 2016 ‘Pet of the Year’ and her owners for their courage, determination and tenderness. As well as the prize winners, all twelve Pet of the Months received a wonderful goody bag to take home and enjoy!

We would like to thank again our kind sponsors for their generosity – Royal Canin, Elanco, Petplan, Centaur and Bridgwater’s Green Apple Photography. And huge thanks to Sian and Lyn for all their hard work, to all the vets who presented their cases with such passion and all the other Quantock Hospital staff who worked so hard to pull the event together and make it special.