Blaze the cat survives to be voted our July Pet of the Month!

9 Sep 2017 | Pet of the month

Blaze is a gorgeous young cat who was very fortunate to be found by his owners following a serious road traffic accident in Bridgwater earlier this summer.  Darren, one of Blaze’s owners, explained “Blaze is a wonderful little cat, gentle and loving. When he went out he was always home by evening. When Blaze didn’t return one day before dark, we knew something was wrong so we went out to look for him. Before long we heard some very distressed meows and found him badly injured lying under a derelict car where he must have dragged himself. We could see he was very badly injured and were beside ourselves with worry and fear”.

Darren and Nick took Blaze – not yet three years old – straight in to Quantock Veterinary Hospital.  He was immediately admitted and emergency assessment and treatment was started.  Veterinary Surgeon Hannah Brown stabilised Blaze and once he was stable enough for assessment, Blaze had a series of X-rays taken to fully assess his injuries.

From the X-rays Hannah diagnosed serious pelvic injuries: Blaze had a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip joint.  Such injuries are often accompanied by neurological damage from concurrent injuries to the spine and spinal nerves.  Hannah replaced the dislocated hip however due to the severity of the injuries the hip could not stay in place and immediately re-dislocated.  Blaze was kept stable in intensive care over the weekend as further monitoring and assessments were made.  The next challenge was deciding when to perform surgery – this is a balance between having time to assess Blaze’s neurological function and needing to repair and stabilise his pelvic fracture and dislocation.

Seventy two hours after being stabilised over the weekend Blaze was taken to theatre where Veterinary Surgeons Dominic Phillips and Hannah repaired his pelvic fracture and performed hip surgery to treat his dislocated hip.  Vet Dominic explained “both surgeries were successful but we then had to wait to ensure that Blaze had full neurological function – this was a very tense waiting game and a very worrying and stressful time for Darren and Nick – and all the team here at the Hospital.  We were all delighted as Blaze showed signs of normal neurologic function and really good recovery from his surgery.  It was an emotional roller-coaster for Darren and Nick – we are all so pleased that Blaze is now back home and happy with his amazing and loving family”. 

“Although all the vets and nurses were brilliant we were so worried about him – it was touch and go for three to four days” explained Darren.

We’re happy to say that Blaze’s surgery went really well and this lovely little cat has made a superb recovery. Nick and Darren were hugely relieved “He is full of fun again and enjoys hours in our garden. We aren’t so happy about him going outside the garden any more but he is happy to walk with a harness on and so if he’s out of the garden, he is now always on a lead! We are so grateful to the staff at Quantock who did a brilliant job. It was worth every penny!”