Avoiding the hazards of hibernation

22 Sep 2019 | Pet Advice, Life stage support, Practice news

Did you know it can be very dangerous to hibernate your tortoise if, for example it’s not in good health or doesn’t have enough fat or water reserves?

Hibernation is really important but it’s critical it is a healthy hibernation. Inadequate hibernation is one of the main causes of death or health problems in pet tortoises. There are lots of things to look out for and we can help you get it right.

Louise Ash, a Veterinary Surgeon at Quantock Veterinary Hospital and our exotics vet will be providing an informative talk on hibernation – why, when, how and what to do when things go wrong.

Places are limited so book now to reserve your place on Friday 18th October at 7.30pm here at Quantock Veterinary Hospital in Bridgwater.

We will reserve a place for those clients who have booked a ‘Hibernation Package’. This package includes

  • A pre-hibernation health check with a vet checking your tortoise is in the best condition to hibernate and looking out for some of the more subtle signs of poor health
  • A faecal screen for parasites checking to see whether they need treatment before hibernation
  • A pot of Reptoboost for bathing before and after hibernation
  • A post-hibernation check up with a vet to make sure all is well
  • A hibernation ‘survival pack’ with information and checklists for a successful hibernation
  • A guaranteed place on Louise’s talk on hibernation on Friday 18th October.

The package would normally cost £161 but we are offering a special price of £99.50 a massive saving of over £61.

Give your tortoise the Gold Standard treatment this winter so that you can both sleep easy!  

Phone 01278 450080 to book your place and find out more about the value of the ‘Hibernation Package’ or email info@quantockvets.co.uk.