Arnold the mature cat – Quantock Vet’s final Pet of the Month for 2018!

14 Feb 2019 | Pet of the month

Arnold is a 15 year old cat who was brought in by his worried owner in December. He was off colour and off is food and was obviously having difficulty standing.

Arnold’s owner was extremely concerned about him. And rightly so.

We took blood tests, scans and x-rays which showed very little, except maybe hypovoaemia – a state of decreased blood volume, an irregular heart and respiratory rates. He was given supportive treatment, fluids, pain relief over a few days in the hospital and we were all delighted to watch him gradually improve enough to go home.

Arnold’s loving owner was hugely relieved “We are so pleased that Arnold managed to pull through. We were really worried as he rarely gets poorly and given his age it knocked him for six! We are pleased to say that he seems to be back to his usual self and enjoyed getting thoroughly spoiled over Christmas with lots of turkey!”

From what our tests showed, and importantly didn’t show, we suspect that Arnold may have been a toxin case. Cats can be poisoned by many things including anti-freeze, slug pellets and even lilies! They can swallow or even breathe in a noxious substance, or they can simply come into contact with something toxic, or ingest dangerous toxins while grooming themselves.

The symptoms of poisoning are varied but most common ones include, loss of appetite vomiting, drooling and diarrhoea. Lethargy, weakness, depression, excessive thirst or urination and often nervousness, hyperactivity, muscle tremors and seizures.

The most important thing, if you’re worried your pet may be poisoned, is get to your vets as soon as possible. We’re so pleased that Arnold survived this scare to tell the tale – he’s a really lovely old fellow!

Arnold’s owner kindly added “Many thanks to all at Quantock vets you are life savers!”  

Congratulations Arnold. You deserve to be our final Pet of the Month for 2018!