An evening talk on tortoise hibernation

19 Oct 2019 | Practice news

Thank you to all the dedicated tortoise owners who came to listen to Louise Ash, BSc, BVETMED, MRCVS, our ‘exotics’ vet give a free, evening talk this month about hibernation and how to get it right.

Two owners travelled all the way from Yeovil to hear her talk and it was also great to see one of our previous Pet of the Month’s owners of Toby there!

Louise is very experienced with ‘exotic’ pets including reptiles, birds, exotic animals and zoo life. I think we all learned a lot!

Thank you for all coming along and a huge thank you to Louise for sharing her time and knowledge.

Owners were encouraged to contact us if they have any concerns or queries about hibernation and how to help a tortoise get the most healthy sleep they can!